Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday I go for my 30 day follow up

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to write to tell you I will be going in on Thursday for my follow up to make sure my veins are still open. I will keep you all posted. Every time I see my Dr. He talks to me about CCSVI in medical terms; I've never even heard of. He talks to me like a fellow Dr. because I showed him a treatment he did know anything about. But he has learned so much. He is constantly studying up on CCSVI now and speaking with Dr. Dake. He is so excited! I honestly think that he is just as excited as all of you. He has studied it so much he has even added another step to Zambonni's protocol. He will have the Doppler or ultra sound in the O. R. so that while he is in the vein with the catheter he can check velocity with the Doppler. He is so into this guys! Its awesome to see a Dr. who really wants to help people with new and innovative treatments. I have said before and I will repeat because I am so excited they are starting treatment at the beginning of July!!!

So lets all stay positive and be happy. He truly is an amazing Dr. I cant wait for all of you to meet him

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