Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you all

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you for sharing information and knowledge that you all have that I do not know about yet. I honestly feel like all of us with MS combined know more than than most Doctors about our disease. People with MS may have lesions that affect their brain, but they are not stupid or uninformed. I find my self telling Doctors things that they have no clue about all the time. This is thanks to our little community of MSers sharing information with one another. I learn something new everyday, and I teach Doctors and others new things everyday. We all are here to fight!! Most doctors just want to write a prescription and send us on our way. They don't care about new approaches or treatments, they are just glorified drug dealers. And I am referring to most Doctors. There is always an exception to the rule right?

For instance; I saw 4 MS specialists and only 1 out of the 4 was willing to listen to me, and learn from me. When I said NO Drugs, I want to find a different way to treat this, he agreed and never once tried to push the ABCs on me. All 3 other Doctors, did not listen and made me feel like I was a horrible person for not wanting their drugs. None of the 3 would even listen to anything about LDN or CCSVI or even vitamins and hormones. One of the 3 actually told me to not speak until it was my turn. Its no wonder we are having such a difficult time getting CCSVI approved, no one will listen!! They are all stuck in their ways. I call it tunnel vision all they see is drugs drugs drugs.

However I was blessed to find my Cardiologist who did listen and study and treat me. Also lucky to have my MS Dr support me. I cant wait for all of you to receive the treatment you have been waiting for since the day you were told you would have to inject your self everyday with drugs for the rest of your lives.

So keep the positive attitudes! Keep the research flowing. Keep sharing your stories! Keep your Dr.s on their feet!! And keep the faith. And KEEP the emails coming. We are very close to opening up treatment. Just waiting on Doppler machine that can see the brain. God Bless, T

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