Friday, May 14, 2010

For those seeking treatment

Hello, I have received all of your emails. 50 in the past 2 days. I automatically forward them directly to my Dr. I try to write each and everyone of you back to let you know that your information has been sent to the Dr. SO if you email me your name and phone number to I WILL SEND IT TO MY DR. AS SOON AS I RECEIVE IT!! My Dr.'s nurse Teresa will call you in 2-3 weeks. The list is starting to get long, so if you want treatment get your name and number to me ASAP. Thanks and sorry if I seem a bit crazy. It is hard trying to be on vacation and getting so many emails. I LOVE to help you all, just please don't ask me if your information has been sent to the DR. after I already sent an email telling you that it was. I really do get great joy and pride in helping all of you, and I do not mind forwarding your emails to my Dr. even while I am on vacation. So keep um coming! I know Teresa was able to call a lot of you back today.Also if this is your first visit to my blog please read my first few entries about how I got treatment. Thanks Again T

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