Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi again,
I originally started this blog to let others know how the recovery of CCSVI is and how it is working for me and my case. But then I realized I could help others get treatment as well, and for the past few weeks I have only been blogging about how to contact my Dr. It is so important to me that others have the same opportunity that I did. Sometimes I really cant believe that people can go and choose to have life threatening plastic surgery but they can not convince a single Dr. to simply open blocked veins. Its CRAZY. So yes I found a Dr that did open my veins and will soon be opening as many of you as possible.

Lots of you ask how I have been feeling? As I said in my first blog I have only had MS for 5 months now, so I felt pretty much the same after treatment. I will say that my neck was pretty sore for a week or so. It went away but today it has been sore again. Also just as I finally felt 100% better from my angioplasty ( about 1-2 weeks) I got strep throat. So I am still recovering from that. I don't like to write to much about how I feel, because I know that there are so many of you out there that are so much worse than I ever was to begin with.

On another note: I talked to another woman who had CCSVI by Dr. Dake about 6 months ago, and she said all of her lesions on her brain where gone 2 months after treatment. She had MS like me very mild. She told me that if you are more of a mild case it takes longer to see the results. In 2 weeks I will go for my 2nd MRV to check and make sure the veins are open. They will also look at my brain and see if lesions are starting to go away!! I am excited about the possibility of that happening. But we all know how yuck MRI and MRVs are. So I will keep you posted, and please keep emailing me your info for my Dr. I love helping in any way possible.

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