Monday, May 24, 2010

I am re posting my 5th blog so people can understand how I got CCSVI in the US

Hello Again,
I just wanted to write about how lucky I was to receive CCSVI in the US.
How it happened.... My brother in law (PHILL who may have saved me) emailed me info about CCSVI. I had never even heard about it. I immediately googled it and found even more studies and research on it. I got so excited. I forwarded the emails to my MS Dr.s, they were advising against as I knew they would. I talked to my mom, who then said," your Dad has had 3 angioplasties for his heart, (because of this she went on the board at the heart hospital and raised a ton of money for them. She also had become great friends with the chief of cardio surgery) she emailed him my findings on ccsvi, and said Tisa, "If anyone will do it, he will. He does angioplasties everyday. He became very interested. He started making calls to all the Dr.s he could find that were doing the treatment. Turns out he went to school with Dr. Zamboni's best friend. He also spoke with Dr. Dake at Standford. Then he said to my mom, "bring her in, the least I can do is scan her veins for this." As I live in CA and my mother in AZ I drove in the very next weekend. As I said in my last blog it was clear as day that both jugular veins were clogged. He had never seen anything like it before as he usually deals with clogged arteries near the heart not the jugular veins. However it is the exact same procedure minus stints. He began to call in fellow Dr.s. They even made me come back the next day and do another ultra sound, because they wanted to make sure I wasn't just tilting my head the wrong way. But then again clear as day, so they sent me immediately to am MRV with contrast, saw it again and then I went straight into the O.R. Where I had about 7 Dr.s in the room and another 8 or 9 observing in the theatre.

After it was all said and done, I am not going to lie I have had some pain. Nothing that has kept me bed ridden but my leg is super sore as well as my neck. I realize that I was so lucky to have a DR friend of the family to do this for me. But I must say it makes me feel terrible for all you who are worse off than I. And can't find you treatment. So I have dedicated, so much time and energy with this Dr as well as an MS specialist. I have got them all on board to start treating people. They go into the first meeting with their lawyers on Monday to see if they can make it happen some how some way. I will not stop until all those who want to be liberated have the option to. I am keeping in close contact with both the MS specialist and Cardio to find out the progress. If they can get this done I will soon post their info on my blog as well as facebook to help as many as possible. If they can not find approval, I plan on going to the media. I will stop at nothing to help you all.


  1. Hey Tisa,
    Thanks so much for taking the time and energy to do this for those of us who have only recently been informed about this incredible discovery. Hopefully more people will get informed and then involved. I am going to start searching for someone inIdaho who is willing to help us here. God bless.

  2. My pleasure. Also you should check for a cardiologist or vascular surgeon. They are more likely to do it because they do angioplasty all the time

  3. Thank you for all your information, determination and hard work getting this information out Tisa! You are a true pioneer! I believe in karma and I hope you get three times back of a happy, healthy and prosperous life for all that you are doing right now!

    I hope today's appointment was a total success!