Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Other Ways to help MS without the ABC's of MS drugs

Hi Again,

Today I wanted to talk about things my Dr. and others have told me about fighting MS without drugs. I have a homeopathic or holistic Dr. who actually cured his wife from Parkinson's Disease. She was diagnosed 7 years ago, and he was a cardiovascular surgeon. He quit his job and began studying natural approaches to curing his wife. He tested heavy metals in her urine and blood. She was positive with high levels of Mercury and Lead. He used keylation to for a couple of years to get all the toxins and metals out of her body. He put her on a vitamin regiment of 30 different pills a day. Keep in mind his wife had never even so much as taken a Tylenol before this. He also changed her diet to a low fat all organic diet. Long story short after 5 years of doing everything he said, he took her back to the same Neurologist that diagnosed her, and he said, "she is in remission" She has been for 2 years now. This is a touching a very true story.

So how does this help People with MS? Well I went to see him and he tested everything in my body. Hormones, Heavy metals, fecal, urine, blood, and saliva. What did he find? Well first thing I was extremely low in vitamin D (even though I grew up in Arizona where the Sun never stops shining, as well as Southern California. Not to mention I am in the sun all the time without block) My vitamin D level was 20. So he put me on 10,000 iu of vitamin D a day. I'm sure most MSers know to take vitamin D. Next he found that I had higher than normal levels of mercury and led in my body, so he is starting me on 3 months of keylation. ( after I finish the meds I am currently on for angioplasty) He found that I was low in both estrogen and progesterone. Why does that matter? Well UCLA is currently conducting a study as to why most women go into MS remission while they are pregnant, they believe that the hormone levels play a big role in this. So I am taking bio identical hormones. I am also taking fish oil, primrose oil, multi vitamins, folic acid, and digested enzymes to help my body break it all down.

Next thing I changed was my diet. I am now on a low Saturated fat diet, which basically means no diary except organic skim milk. This was and still is a hard change for me. Cheese is and was my favorite of all foods. Red meat is also high in fat. So my meals basically consist of organic chicken or wild fish with organic fruit veggies and brown rice. I can still have pasta thank God cause I am Italian.

Now a lot of Dr.s especially the heavy pharm pushing ones will say this is all nonsense. Then why have a found 3 different books on "I cured myself from MS" if this is not true. And how is my Dr.'s wife cured of Parkinson's?

My view is if it stops me from having new attacks and helps to heal my exsisting lesions, than why not go the natural way?

Also I have a prescription for LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone. I am going to attach the info on LDN for all of you. The link is at the top of this blog.I have not started this treatment yet because of my recent CCSVI. I will have to wait a month to start LDN because it can interfere with the painkillers they gave me. Hope this helps. Although I know a lot of you know about most of this if you research MS, but those new to it may find some new ways to help themselves. Thanks for reading, Tisa


  1. I enjoyed your post here, I'm playing catch up since I just discovered you :). I'm a RN (or was, sadly) but I know what you mean about the doctors and the meds. When I was found to not be a candidate for the "ABC" drugs my doctors were very frustrated with me and it just appeared that once those meds came along they just wanted to write a prescription and be done. When I couldn't tolerate any of them due to a rare reaction of worsening side effects (as opposed to them improving over time in most people mine worsened making it living hell), the neurologists I experienced just seemed like they wanted to wash their hands of me. "Gee, you can't take the meds so I guess I can't treat you since that's all I have now in my bag of tricks!". I couldn't even tolerate Tysabri, thank God I only took ONE dose since is is one scary med, but I had 3 separate infections within 7 days of the dose so I was told to never try it again. My current neurologist is a lot like your doctor you mentioned above. He gets "bored" with neurology and began dabbling in anti-aging and hormones a lot and he is the first neuro who is interested in treating me as a whole. That's a huge help since I have had hormonal problems since age 21 when diagnosed with thyroid disease and had a hysterectomy at 30! He suggested LDN for me and I was prepared for it but he changed his mind after being disappointed in the lack of benefit in his other patients. But he did all the other testing you mentioned and guess what? My D level was ZERO! Interesting since I was a night shift nurse lol. So I'm on the supplements, fish oil, and my B-12 was very low, too. But even with all of that I have still declined in the last 2 years so I'm very interested in the CCSVI progress. Thanks for reading my wordiness :)

  2. Im so sorry that I forgot to respond to this post when I first got it. Im also sorry to hear about how badly MS has affected you. Has Teresa called or emailed you back yet?