Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hey, I thought that I would take some time to explain velocity of the veins. So this is how it was explained to me. The average velocity if the jugular veins is 40 -50. The velocity is how much blood is being drained from the vein. If the vein is compromised than it has to push the blood through harder, this is why the number goes up. For example pre -CCSVI my velocity was 300, so my vein was so pinched that the blood was pushing so much harder to drain from the brain.

When you go in for the Doppler you can hear the blood flow in the veins. If it is really loud it is pushing really hard to get through. If it is quiet than it is flowing more normally. When I went in I heard this loud sound almost like liquid in one spot on my neck. Then when they moved the ultra sound down my neck it was quiet. So not only can you see where the vein is compromised you can hear the blood trying to get through the compromised area. And that is velocity as I know it.

I have also been hearing that some of you are a little nervous about this procedure. So I want to tell you that I am a HUGE baby when it comes to pain and or anything medical that is happening to me. I know that most of you have had spinal taps or Lumbar punctures. That my friends is 100 times worse. I think that if I explain step by step what happened the day of my CCSVI it will help to calm your nerves.

First of all I did not have time to be scared. They told me to go to an MRV at 8am and take a valium. SO I did and I took it with food. I had had 2 Dopplers before this. I came back from my MRV happy and calm and they said your going into the O.R. in 30 mins. Once the MRV confirmed what the 2 Dopplers told them they did not want to waste anytime. ( which is exactly the kind of treatment you will receive; if they do a Doppler and MRV on Monday you are going in for CCSVI Tuesday) I checked into the hospital across the street from the clinic. I wanted to have anesthesia but because I had ate they could not give it to me. So we went with an I.V. of valium. I was awake the entire time and it took about 2 and half hours. My right side went by really fast as its velocity was 260. The left side took twice as Long because of how blocked it was. They had to get a different size balloon to get it open. I wont lie and say you don't feel anything. When they blow the balloon open you get a terrible headache on the entire side of your face. Your teeth hurt your ear, eyes, nose and head. But that only lasts for 5 mins. Then it goes away. That was the only thing I felt the whole time. I had to lie flat without moving my legs fro 4 hours in recovery to wait for blood to clot. Where they enter through the groin area. Once the blood clots, you have to take plavix so blood does not clot in the vein. They send you home with painkillers because your neck and leg are sore for about a week. I hope that helps. Any questions??

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  1. Thank you so much for explaining this. I am probably a bigger baby than you!! I had been wondering about anaesthetic- I want it!

    I thought I heard though that you can't get valium for the MRV. Sounds like you did? I am NOT looking forward to 2.5 hours in that little tube and no moving whatsoever!