Sunday, May 9, 2010

MS and Iron & MS and Pregnancy

Hi Everyone,
I am back for a few days before I leave again. So I was thinking about all the testing I had done and came to my own hypothesis. It may not be true and as you all know I am not a Dr. but I have an educated guess about something.

So when I was first trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I went to the G.P. she though that I was anemic. When the results came back she said I actually had high levels of iron In my blood. So Dr. Zambonni explains the whole iron depositing in brain as part of his theory on MS developing. So I think it wouldn't hurt to go and have your iron levels checked, as mine were high and both my jugular veins were clogged.

Next Pregnancy, every MS Dr. I have spoken with tells me my chances of having an attack while pregnant go down by 50% why? They don't know. However pregnant women have more blood flow than non pregnant women. So in theory if their veins are blocked and they become pregnant, the blood can flow through the entire body much easier. And the Dr.s think its hormones.

Everyday I find a new reason or two as to why CCSVI makes so much sense. So I thought I would share those two things that make sense in my head. Especially the iron. When I first watched the news story on Dr. Zambonni, and heard about the iron, I said to my husband, " that's crazy because I had such high levels of iron in my blood and do not eat very much meat at all". Food for thought

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  1. It does seem to make sense...during pregnancy our bodies definitely have to deal with more blood volume. Dr. Zamboni explained that even though there are narrowed or collapsed blood vessels our bodies will actually create NEW smaller vessels to try to naturally bypass the blockages. In the 2nd trimester of pregnancy our hearts are performing more efficiently and working about 40% harder which means more blood is being ejected with each beat. It's also interesting to note that our blood vessels lose some tone due to certain hormones during pregnancy, similarly to the way the hormones cause everything else to relax, ligaments, etc. The loss of tone can lead to loss of pressure which actually means LESS blood flow TO the brain which can cause the dizziness many women get in pregnancy, SO...that certainly doesn't seem like it would be a hard stretch to conclude that pregnancy would lead to LESS of a problem with sluggish flow OUT of the brain in an MS patient, make sense???? Fascinating :) So the combo of perhaps the more efficient pregnant body forming new blood vessels to handle the extra fluid volume and the relaxed tone of the vessel walls may even mean the narrowed areas are more relaxed..perhaps? It would make sense, just think of all the studies that may happen as a result of this! Oh and as far as hormones go, here is a tidbit I found interesting...we actually make more estrogen in one pregnancy than we do our entire life when not pregnant!!!