Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I AM IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone, I went to my Dr. today, I had another Doppler ultra sound and veins stayed open without stents. It has been 60 days since my Liberation! I also went to my MS Dr. today and he told me that the 3 lesions on my brain were gone!! It was only Feb. when I had 3 active lesions on my brain and one on my spine. The one on my spine is en active and appears to be healing. My MS Dr. told me if he saw this MRI for the first time with none of my history he would say I don't have MS. He told me I am in remission!!!! I never did take the MS drugs and he told I won't have to. He even told me I don't need to see him anymore.

I am so happy tears are rolling down my face.

I can't wait for all of you to feel Liberated. And you have to believe that your lesions all heal. I told myself everyday and asked God everyday to make my lesions go away. And they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The is the best news I have heard since I found out about the Liberation treatment!!! So so happy for you, Tisa!

  2. Thank you so much I wish the same success for you and everyone else with MS

  3. That's fabulous Tisa, so HAPPY for you, hopefully it will come for all of us soon:-)

  4. Praise God! I am trying to see that even if the disease is "incurable," God is still the Great Physician and everything listens to Him! Amazing Tisa! So happy for you!

  5. Brings a Smile to my Face to hear good news:)

  6. More neuros need to see this article. Amazing news!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Tisa, This is wonderful news, so happy for you. There is so much hope for all of us.Your prayers have been answered favorably. God is good!!

  8. Such great news! This made my night!

  9. Hi Tisa,

    I am considering the procedure. Where di you go to have it done?


  10. Anne if you look to your left on this page you will see info for treatment in Arizona. That blog post on my blog this blog tells you how to contact them to get on list

  11. Tisa, congrats!
    It's really a shame how anyone (Neurologists) can still say that CCSVI is false hope? You're living proof : )

  12. This is really cool news Tisa. Keep going girl. God bless.

  13. That is FANTASTIC news! I wished your MS dr. could speak to my neuro. Congratulations and thank you for keeping us posted.

  14. http://www.thisisms.com/ftopicp-120430.html

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    So, this is the former mshusband ... I guess by my new screen-name you can imagine the outcome of today's liberation on the wife.

    So ... we had the procedure (starting at 9AM this morning) in the US ... 100% covered by insurance (as I said before). The doctor has now done many procedures - I believe he's probably the 3rd most experienced doctor in the US now - and his name is not out there publicly (never has been and that's how it's going to stay) ... though he has said he wouldn't mind if it was because he "believes in CCSVI, and it's not a hard procedure". So I'm not putting his name out there either ...


    Turns out the wife had one of the worst cases of May-Thurner Syndrome the doctor who performed the procedure had ever seen. (See - Dr. Sclafani's visit to Italy paid off. We contacted the doctor last week about entering from the left leg for just that reason ... he was happy to oblige and it paid off - he said he would normally have gone from the right too if not for our request).

    Also, the azygous had a "web" that basically shut all flow through there as well! Coupled with the May-Thurner that is the worst case scenario as the blood doesn't drain from the legs properly, and is forced into the azygous system ... but with the azygous system closed it has nowhere to go! So now both of those are flowing properly!

    The jugulars were narrowed, but not clinically significant (and he said all flow was proper) ... so they weren't touched for now - though he said that in a few months for follow-up he'll re-check.

    The good news? Since the wife was diagnosed with May-Thurner ... we now can follow-up with ANY vascular surgeon or IR anywhere ... because that is NOT CCSVI related (even though it is related in her case). So we did do some travel for our procedure - but now for follow-up will not have to because our hospital wasn't necessarily interested in CCSVI - but now we know of the other problem.

    On a side note, the doctor checked MANY MANY veins (not just CCSVI veins) ... and the procedure took 4.5 hours. I'm very surprised that was the case. I though everyone else said 45 minutes. So 4.5 hours is crazy.

    We only got balloons, but he said if there is re-stenosis at follow-up, stents are going in because they are safe in both the illiac and azygous. He even said they are in the left jugular, but is more cautious with that. (He did do a stenting procedure last week for the first time in the azygous - but has talked about them with all his patients).

    He isn't a Zamboni-follower necessarily by any means, but knows our great Dr. Sclafani (actually used to work with him) and has been in contact with him regarding CCSVI throughout.

    Like I said, the wife's sleeping so I can't get a good feel for what's going on ... I think the 4.5 hour procedure caught both of us by surprise and neither of us slept particularly well last night.

    The good news, obviously, is CCSVI was a major factor in her MS (along with May-Thurner).

    The doctor said if both of those weren't caught as soon after diagnosis for her as they were ... it would have been bad because the flow was basically restricted on both ends ... and no-way around.

    Thank goodness for Dr. Sclafani, Dr. Zamboni and their May-Thurner new information!

    A few other things ... he also did some work in the hemi-azygous (we haven't heard anyone else having anything done in there yet - so a first there). AND did some work on the vertebrals ...

    Comments please : gaiagenaire@hotmail.fr

  15. Congratulations Tisa !!!!!!!!
    That is the best news I've ever heard - ever !
    God Bless you and may he watch over you and keep you well !

    You go girl :)

  16. God Bless you Tisa, I am trrying to figure all this out to get tested and treated for it. Very happy for you.

  17. WOW ! I am so happy for you. I wish you the best. Take care and enjoy. Thanks for sharing. I am going to Poland in three days and hope it will work like it did for you.

  18. That's fantastic news Tisa. Is your MS doctor a neurologist? How could he explain the healing lesions?

  19. very happy for u tisa congadulations..

  20. France, Thank you and best of Luck in Poland.
    M, My Ms Dr. is a neurologist specializing in MS for 30 plus years. He simply looked at my original MRI of Brain and Spine and the new one. The old one had three small but bright and active lesions on my brain and one on my spine. This one had a shadow that the radiologist didnt even pick up on of one lesion almost gone ( they didnt even see it the 1st 3 times they looked) The other 2 were completly gone. The one on my spine has scare tissue, is enactive, and may or may not go away. I guess the reason my lesions healed in my brain is one: I only had MS for 5 or 6 months and 2 once the veins in my neck were opened and blood could be drained the iron deposits were able to leave the brain and lesions able to heal. He has seen it before. Hope that helps

  21. Conrats Tisa very happy for u!

  22. How are you feeling today?

  23. Hello Tisa - I am so happy for you and hope for your continued health. My 19 year old son had MS for 8 months prior to getting the Angioplasty at the end of August. We would also like to have an MRI done to see if his lesions (some active) have healed. Please let me know how long after your Angioplasty did you get your second MRI. He is feeling so much better. He does not have any MS symptoms at the present time. Thank you for you posts.