Thursday, June 17, 2010

Treatment for CCSVI in Arizona

Hey Everyone, Great news, You may now contact Teresa (my Dr. who performs CCSVI in Phoenix, Arizona nurse) directly.

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for treatment please email

Just email your name phone and email to her and she will call you. Thanks Tisa


  1. You have done a great service for us all Tisa...I hope they know what they are getting themselves in to. ;0)

  2. Tisa, thankyou for sharing your information!
    My friend has been`desreate to find a doctor who will treat her grand-daughter who is in her 20's.
    Bless your heart!
    Jeanette Lodoen.

  3. good work girl!!! great help for our fellow patients...

  4. Thank you Tisa! Arizona is not too far from me! In fact it's the closes place yet.

  5. Im happy to help. And yes they know how many emails they will get daily. they are ready and willing to treat as of July 4 th :)

  6. Thank You sooo much for sharing this information.
    This the best news!
    God Bless You,

  7. I have spoken with Teresa and she is BEYOND helpful and wonderful!
    I am not scheduled for Arizona (or anywhere) at this time, but am grateful for the information and generosity of your spirit, Tisa!
    You are in my prayers.

  8. Tisa,

    Did your doctor happen to say about how much the treatment would cost?

    I hope you're still experiencing improvements after the Liberation Treatment.

    God Bless.

    - Ian

  9. can you suggest places to stay near the hospital that are affordable?

  10. Just go to and look to stay in Phoenix near Thomas Rd

  11. Hi Tisa, thanks for this info; I was looking at Mexico as an option (over Europe), but AZ is even better! Hope I hear soon and thanks again. Lori

  12. Do you know how much the treatment costs in Arizona?

  13. No about the cost. If you read my blog answers to emails you will find answers there

  14. I am from Alberta Canada and would like to know the total cost of treatment.

  15. It is estimated that the failure rate of the “liberation therapy” may be 50% or higher, even through the most experienced and best-known surgeons in Poland and Albany, NY. As more and more people receive the therapy there is growing concern amongst patients that the procedure needs to include a post-procedure protocol that is more effective than simply releasing the patient from the hospital or clinic within hours or a day of the procedure.
    CCSVI Clinic Physicians have applied for an International Ethics Board study approval entitled: “PROSPECTIVE, OPEN-LABEL STUDY OF THE SAFETY, EFFICACY AND RE-STENOSIS RATES IN MS PATIENTS WITH CCSVI UNDERGOING ENDOVASCULAR TREATMENT WHO RECEIVE AN ENHANCED HOSPITAL AFTERCARE PROTOCOL. Important previous studies on non-MS patients who have had the same venous angioplasty indicate that it’s critical to position and movement control patients post-procedure, monitor them for days afterward in the hospital with various imaging techniques, and re-treat if necessary. CCSVI Clinic is already sponsoring patients for this protocol with a 10-day stay in the hospital where patients will be imaged daily, post procedure. If there is evidence of re-occlusion, they will be taken back to the OR and re-treated. Past studies of non-MS patients with the same venous blockages have noted a cascade of failure points distally in venous vessels post angioplasty, and the hypothesis proposes that the study on MS patients will produce the same results. Once home, patients will be screened and interviewed at regular intervals by CCSVI Clinic Physician Researchers for several years after the treatment to study the changes and make comparisons between those who have followed the protocol and others who have had the procedure on an outpatient basis.
    It should be mentioned that our research is under much scrutiny and attack from elements that are trying to control the industry and the dialogue. A well-organized campaign to discredit CCSVI Clinic and our research is underway in the social media. We would ask you to have the independence of thought to see through their campaign of deceit.
    Regular research updates will be published on the CCSVI Clinic website . Questions about participation may be directed toward the CCSVI Clinic administration at 1-888-419-6855.