Thursday, July 1, 2010

Questions Answered from all the emails

Hello Again,
I just wanted to answer some of the questions I have been getting in one place so I don't have to keep typing the same emails.

When is treatment in AZ starting?
Answer: They originally said July 4th but have pushed back a few days until the 8th.

Why does the date change?
Answer: I just spoke with Teresa and Dr. D 2 days ago. I told them the costs of the procedure in places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and all other countries that are performing the treatment. Their price was going to be much higher than over seas so they are meeting on the 8th to get the cost down. How? They are trying to negotiate with catheter companies to get them donated.

Why has Teresa not called?
Teresa is SWAMPED with emails and phone calls and trying to get this procedure off the ground. So give her some time she is an honest wonderful good natured person, and will call you back as soon as she has some answers and time.

I spoke with someone else at AZ Heart and they gave me different info?
Teresa is the ONLY person beside Dr. D the vein Dr. , and all the Doppler techs, that's know anything about this. So only speak to and get your info from her.

Why is taking so long?
Stop worrying. I know you are all so anxious to get this done. But they have to do it right and not get shut down. It takes some time to work out the logistics, price, and time to treat over 300 people. Also side note: Dr. D is a WORLD renowned surgeon the head of hospital and a very busy man. BUT he is so excited about this, it has become his 1st priority. Especially after he received news from my MS Dr. that I no longer have MS.

Do you think we will all be free from MS like you?
I hope and pray that it works out that way for everyone. However people must understand that I had a very MILD case of MS. I only had it for about 6 months.

Do I think CCSVI helped?
ABSOLUTELY!!! Do I think there were other factors involved with myself going into full remission? ABSOLUTELY!! I told myself everyday that my lesions were healing. That they were going away. I would even tell them BYE! I prayed to God all the time and asked him to heal my body. I know he had A LOT to do with it. So it was a combination of a positive attitude, telling myself I did not have MS, telling my body to heal the lesions, CCSVI for sure, and God FOR SURE!! Please keep in mind: MIND over Matter the Secret whatever you call it, because if you tell your Brain something enough it believes it. And if you pray to God he answers your prayers and shows you a path to take. In this case it was CCSVI and I truly believe I was meant to help as many people as possible to get this treatment. So I will continue this fight and will NOT give up on you guys just because I am healed. I want to see all of you get healed as well. In conclusion: Believe in CCSVI but also believe in the power of your mind and the power of God.


  1. You are so inspiring!

  2. Dr. Zamboni has always claimed that the best results from his procedure is for those with RRMS and that makes sense. The shorter the length of time for the iron to do it's damage, the quicker the healing can begin. That's why I just can't understand the Canadian Goverment's "wait and see" attitude. As most MSer's say, "time is brain"

  3. Thank you Bren

    And Zambaoni does make perfect sense. I wish all the other Dr.s would get their heads out of their perscription pharm pushing asses

  4. can anyone tell me how we can narrow jugular veins (Venous Stenosis)in animal model?I work in it to see if that gana develop MS in animal instead of EAE theroy

  5. Im sorry I have no idea how to answer that. you might want to ask on the CCSVI page on facebook. they know a lot

  6. Hi- Thanks for your blog. Would you be able to send me contact info. for that doc? I'd like the procedure done soon. Glad to hear it went so well for you! Best, Dee

  7. fantastic news! this is all so exciting. i am going for my liberation in mexico july 18. were you taking copaxone, rebif or any of the other meds like that? are you still taking them or have you stopped?

  8. Hello, Could you please send me the contact info. for Teresa? I looked on your site but didn't see it.
    Thanks much!!!!!! So excited that there's another USA treatment place.

  9. I will repost that info at the top of the blog

  10. thanks, tisa for hanging in there w/thr rest of us......waiting to hear from teresa---guess they're swamped?

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