Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Get on waiting list for treatment of CCSVI

How can you get treated for CCSVI? In the US
What to include? Name, phone number, and email. That is it.
Then what? My Dr. 's nurse Teresa will contact you with in 3 weeks.
Do I know the cost? no Teresa will answer that.
Do they take insurance? Ask Teresa
I do not work for them. I am just trying to help you guys.
Does it hurt? Yes for about 10mins of the procedure and 1-2 weeks after you are sore.
How long does it take? If you have an appt with my Dr. for MRV and Doppler on Tuesday and veins are compromised, you will be treated via angioplasty no stints the next day or Wed. The actual procedure is about 2 hours. Then you lay in recovery for about 4 hours.
Theses are common questions I keep getting asked so here are the answers. Thanks T
When will they begin treatment? After the 4th of July. Keep in mind there are already 100+ people on the list so it may take up to 8 months until you actually get treated.
Have you had treatment meaning me myself Tisa? Yes that is why I started this blog. I was the first one they treated.


  1. Thanks so much for this Tisa.

  2. I appreciate the sharing you are doing for the rest of the MS'rs!!

    God Bless,
    George Lykos

  3. Exactly were in the U.S. is the CCSVI treatment being done?

  4. Is your Doctor the only Doctor doing this and if so why aren't more doctors doing the "Liberation Procedure"?

  5. Nope. There are a lot of Dr.s doing it, under trial. And many in Europe. It has not yet been proven to cure MS. So that is why Dr.s aren't doing it. yet almost everyone that has had it done feels better. They may not be "cured" but they as though they are I invite you to read my past blogs in May. And read more about CCSVI and Dr. Zambonni and Dr. Dake. Some of the pioneers of CCSVI.

  6. Thanks Tisa for blogging about your experience. I've emailed them!
    Sandy in Canada