Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AZ Doppler, Now treating for CCSVI

Hello Again Everyone, Its been awhile, and I feel terrible that I have not been able to refer you to anyone, since AZ Heart stopped treating.

But now I can give you information on AZ doppler. They are treating patients right now, no long wait lists. You can contact them directly. They Do Not take insurance, and the total cost for everything including scans is $9240.00

Here is their Contact info:
Ask for Mckinzie Seely
(602) 368-1079
Email mckinzie@azdoppler.com

a small update on me:
I am still MS free for almost a year now, thanks to CCSVI. I feel Great, and wish the same for all of you. Best Wishes, if you need to email me I am always here at tisamccay@gmail.com but otherwise from here on out just contact AZ Doppler directly. Thanks, Tisa

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