Saturday, September 25, 2010

To Anyone that has been treated in Arizona

Hello Everyone, I know its been awhile, but I would love to hear feedback from everyone who has been treated fro CCSVI or VIP. I want to hear about progress!! As you all know I went into remission a few months ago, and I am hoping you all have the same results, or are at least feeling major improvements. I know Dr. D is treating about 3 people a day, and has been doing so for a little over a month. So please comment on my blog or email me at with post procedure updates. Thanks and God Bless, T


  1. I need to know wwhere to get the treatment I am going down hill way to fast and live alone./ Jordan Sask.

  2. I am going....I have an appointment in Arizona in early's ALL because of you - now I just hope they find some twisted veins.....wish me luck! :0)
    I'll let you know if I find any result!

  3. Tisa,

    I was treated at VIP on Oct 4. I was hoping that the treatment would stop or at least slow the progress of the disease. I was amazed to find that ALL of my symptoms immediately disappeared. I am ecstatic.

    I understand that Dr. Dietrich would not be doing this, and I would not have known about his doing it without your influence, so thank you very much for your efforts!

  4. Great to Hear!! Keep Healing. God Bless