Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From Teresa

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VIP for MS Patients
LifeGuard at the Arizona Heart Institute has established the Venous Impairment Program (VIP) to diagnose venous abnormalities that may be associated with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). At the present time, only diagnostic testing is offered to patients with a neurologist’s diagnosis of MS. We anticipate adding an interventional program to treat venous insufficiency once sufficient studies are done to confirm the correlation between venous disease and MS. Diagnostic studies offered include:
Bilateral internal jugular and vertebral venous duplex ultrasound
Multislice venous CT of the head and neck
If preliminary testing suggests venous insufficiency, venograms are an option for further diagnosis

The cash price for the diagnostic testing is $3,000. The optional venogram would be an additional $4000. At the present time, we do not accept insurance. If you are interested in this program, please contact us at

Sue Carroll
LifeGuard Executive Director
2632 North 20th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Fax 602-707-3536


  1. Not what I had hoped for but something.

  2. oh Tisa, I am so upset to hear this... was really thinking I could go to Phoenix and have the procedure done...Cindy

  3. Albany prices are $3k for the testing and $2k for the procedure, $2k per stent if needed. Hubbard is quoting prices around $7,500 and I believe this does include the procedure.

    These prices do not seem to be in line with other places in my opinion. I have a consult on the 13th and will see what there prices come in at.

  4. Why pay 7000 for information only when you can get actual treatment for a few thousand more?

  5. Feel like all the air just went out of my balloon ... bummer! Not your fault Tisa it's the same old thing, Mamon($)!

  6. When there were delays after delays after delays, I had a gut feeling AZ was not going to be a viable option. Having prepared myself for this definitely softens the disappointment factor. But THANK YOU SO MUCH, Tisa, for all your hard work.

  7. We never wanted it associated with MS. We want treatment for venous imparement pure and simple. Tisa I wanted to personally thank you for trying to help all of us to have access to the treatment. I am very sorry it did not work out and I know I speak for everyone when I say don't blame yourself. You are a wonderful caring person and you keep your head up and we all wont rest until everyone who wants treatment has the opportunity.

  8. That's a bummer :( And Hubbard's is 2500 for testing and then 7500 for procedure but they do bill insurance for procedure.

  9. I called them today and they said they would send me an application online. The woman who answered the phone also answered some questions. The waiting line is short according to her. Allison